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est.Dec 2006

Welcome to Element Lounge, the one of Melbourne's premium drinking establishments. This basement venue was originally a concrete shell used for storage.

The 320 sqm basement venue comes with an ultra modern 10m long concrete bar, 4 themed seating areas (2 private rooms), 50 inch plasma (playing music or movies), unisex washroom, and floor to ceiling shelving units specifically manufactured and imported from Asia in various designs of the Element Lounge logo.

Element Lounge is based upon the Chinese philosophy of the five elements to the natural cycle of life: fire, wood, metal, water and earth. Earth being the fundamental 'element', which everything evolves around. The 'Earth element' is represented by the presence of rocks and cement, just as Element Lounge is built within the basement's concrete structure.

Element Lounge embraces the rough elements of Feng Shui. This is conveyed in the decor and ambience of the venue. From being submerged in a basement location, surrounded by concrete, wooden shelves, bamboo cuttings, cut glass, and laser cut steel. However, it's not all rough, find comfort from the luxurious leather couches, stools, ottomans and soft padded wall panels scattered around the lounge bar



Past Corporate & Special Events Held at Element Lounge

Banks networking & social events, Government - Premier Office
Playstation Launches, Recruitment Agency, Crown Casino 
Staff Christmas functions, Accenture networking, Speed Dating cocktails,
Suncorp, and many more...

Lower Level,
85 Queen Street, Melbourne
Phone: 0449 951 195